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Our Mission at Gifford Fitness is to provide people the care, love and respect that they need to be the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. This requires the highest level of coaching and engagement possible, and we will develop and empower our staff members as such.

Gifford Fitness started in the spring of 2016 in a Lino Lakes garage with a small group of members committed to health, fitness, fun, and a positive environment.  Lifting with hand-me-down barbells and weights collected from friends and family and sled sprinting up neighborhood sidewalks, we dodged dogs, kids, and curious neighbors while building our idea of the perfect gym.  We wanted to create a place where anyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, race, weight, political beliefs, or level of health could come to become a better version of themselves.  We wanted to build not just better athletes, but better people – better mothers and fathers, better community members, better students, better leaders. We believed that building health and longevity, building incredible athletes, and building kinder and stronger human beings didn’t have to be mutually exclusive ideas.  We were able to open our physical gym space in New Brighton shortly thereafter, funded exclusively by founding members who shared our vision.

Today, Gifford Fitness in New Brighton has grown to house several life-changing programs led by passionate and dedicated coaches, and is filled with many inspiring and committed members, all who still live and breathe the core values developed through our grassroots origin.

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Nick Gifford

CF-L3 | Owner and Head Coach

I have realized that my purpose in life lies in helping people of all ages and from all walks of life realize their true potential as a parent, a sibling, a teammate, a friend, and as themselves. I gain a great deal of satisfaction from assisting in the improvement of others. There are many ways to accomplish this, of course. I found my interest in health and fitness at a young age, and that interest has blossomed into my passion, which I have chosen as my outlet to express the influence that I seek. These are the reasons why I have chosen to be a coach.

The traits that my clients appreciate most and why they keep coming back to me is my passion for health and fitness, dedication to their success, and constant hunger to learn. My drive to succeed and improve upon the depth of these traits is the reason why people will trust me and want me to be their coach.

Matt Fedde

CF-L2 | Group Coach, On-Ramp Coach, Client Success Manager

Laura Narhi

CF-L2 | Group Coach, On-Ramp Coach

Kate Jensen

CF-L1 | Coach


We’re looking for several Part-Time Positions at Gifford Fitness

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  • Believe in Building Happy, Healthy People
  • Handle yourself in a Professional manner
  • Pursue growth in yourself and want to help others grow, too

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Email nick@giffordfitness.com your name, phone number and current teaching/fitness certifications.

Gifford Fitness staff are Professional, Growth Oriented, Walk the Talk, are no-b.s. communicators and believe in Building Happy, Healthy People. If this is you, then let us know!

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