June 25-26, 2022

Give to Alexandra House

24 Hours of Heroes will provide significant financial support to Alexandra House – an emergency Women’s shelter in Blaine, MN that provides support for those affected by domestic and sexual abuse.

This event revolves around community, teamwork, and health.

We’re generating financial contributions by providing community workouts every hour for 24 hours. Each community workout will be a CrossFit Hero Workout, some of the most difficult workouts around that are created in tribute to fallen soldiers, servicemen, and servicewomen.

Athletes can participate in one workout ($25 minimum gift), multiple, or all 24 ($500 minimum gift).

Along with sponsors, auctions, and collecting cash donations, we will have an item raffle for valued items, services, or one of a kind experiences from local businesses. (See Below)


Register in 3 Steps

  1. Complete this form and make a generous gift to Alexandra House
  2. Email gift receipts to matt@giffordfitness.com
  3. You’ll get access to a Google Sheet to sign up for specific workouts

Workout Schedule

Workout briefs begin 10 minutes before the hour and workouts start on the hour.

Workout Strategies

“The Sandwich”
Do a few workouts in the beginning of the 24 hour period, the middle and the end! We think of the middle as the midnight hours… it’s a blast!⁠ similarly you could “chunk” some workouts and different points of the 24 hours, one or several times.

“The Every Other”
Doing 12 workouts in 24 hours is hard. Being at the gym for all 24 hours to participate in workouts and support others, rest and prepare during your off hours is a great way to be a part of this community event!

“The One and Done”
Do a workout at any time during the 24 hour period. Maybe do another if you’re feeling it, and stick around to cheer on others and help raise more funds for Alexandra House!

“The Kitchen Sink”
All 24. Buckle up. This is not recommended for most people, but if you think you’re up for the challenge, shoot us an email at staff@giffordfitness.com.


To make this event possible we need your help in three areas: Fundraising, Support Day-of, and Spreading the Word!


  • Get people to sponsor you and your workouts
  • Recruit people to do workouts with you
  • Procure auction item
  • Get event sponsors

Volunteer the day of

  • Event and athlete support
  • Medical support
  • Sunday’s Waffle Bar

Spreading the Word – Rally your Gym Community!

  • Get support from your friends and family
  • Set personal goals for yourself!
    • How many workouts are you going to do?
    • How much money will you raise?
    • How many workout partners will you bring?
  • Print and Post this Flyer

Volunteer Links and URLs